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Spanish Colonial

Welcome to the Spanish Colonial Gallery. Also known as Latin American Colonial, most of these artifacts date to the period just after the Spanish occupation of Central and South America. This gallery will be regularly updated so check back often. Please ask if you would like additional photos or more in-depth descriptions Enjoy your treasure hunt...

NOTE: All items being offered on this website have appropriate provenance and are legal to buy and own under the United States statute covering cultural patrimony Code 2600, Chapter 14. Every purchase comes with a written certificate of authenticity (COA) and are fully guaranteed to be as described. Provenance and accurate, detailed condition information is included with each listing.

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Colonial Wooden Kero Colonial Carved and Painted Kero — Peru

1550 AD - 1600 AD

Wooden Inca Colonial kero from the early Colonial period. Thick walled construction, relief carved and painted decoration with figural, geometric and foliage motifs. Overall design appears to be related to planting or harvest. Around the top are two figures wearing Colonial clothing, each holding a spade or shovel along with plant and geometric designs. The bottom shows additional plant and foliage designs. Areas of paint with red, white and gold pigments still remaining, mostly in the crevices. Condition is generally good. There are several cracks with two period (drilled and tied) repairs. Another resin filled repair also dates to Colonial times. Extensive wear and deposits. Great aged patina. An exceptional artifact from the very early Colonial period. Ex Paul Clifford collection. Purchased directly from him in the late 1990's.

Approx 5.25" tall x 4.5" across


Inca Colonial Pitcher Inca Colonial Pitcher — Peru

1540 AD - 1560 AD

Exceedingly rare Inca Colonial pitcher dating to the very early Colonial period. The vessel has a footed base, loop handle and a spout in the shape of a bird's head. The construction and tooling is very much indicative of Inca pottery techniques, but the form shows Colonial influence. This is a seldom seen example of a pottery piece made just after the Spanish occupation of Peru. Condition is very good. Some surface erosion and the lower beak of the bird spout is missing, the vessel itself is intact and has no repairs. A unique example. Ex Paul Clifford collection.

Approx 9.5" tall x 5.5" across


Colonial Platter Colonial Wooden Bowl — Peru or Bolivia

1600 AD - 1750 AD

A very large Colonial period wooden bowl from Peru or Bolivia. Nicely carved from a single piece of wood. At the rim is highly stylized bird. Appears to have once had hash marks around the entire rim but most have worn away from centuries of use. Condition is generally good. The bowl was once broken in half and was drilled and strapped together; an early repair. Later the straps were removed and the break was filled with a resin material. Other newer repairs are present as well. Shows extremely nice wear and an aged patina.

Approx 18.5" across x 3.5" tall


Colonial Wooden Kero Colonial Wooden Kero — Peru

1550 AD - 1600 AD

Small Inca Colonial wooden kero from the early Colonial period. Nicely burnished wooden drinking vessel with incised linear decoration. This type of kero was introduced by the early Spanish conquistadors, constructed using primitive lathes to create both the exterior and interior of the vessel. Great condition, intact with dark, aged patina.

Approx 3.25" tall x 2.25" across


Colonial Pipe-head Colonial Jaguar Pipe-head — Mexico

1500 AD - 1550 AD

A very early Colonial period pipe-head carved in a nicely detailed spotted feline motif. The Jaguar form exibits the strong influence of Pre-Columbian artistic style, but the piece itself is actually very early post-contact Colonial. This is evident by the fact that the pipe is "stemless", showing European technology. Early Colonial Mexican transitional pieces such as this are very rare and seldom seen in the antiquities market. Truly a special and unique item. Overall in nice condition with only a few tiny chips & dings.

Approx. 1.5" long


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